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Waster water /river/lake

 Waster water /river/lake

In waste water industry , river or lake related areas , we suggest that you can choose the following sensors:

pH sensor

· Direct use with various pH meters as a complete set.

· Installation with 3/4NPT pipe thread, with safe and reliable sealing.

· Convenient to installation in form of flow-through or immersion.

· The sensor has the fixed cable and the length of the cable can be adjusted according to the 

  requirements of the users.

· pH range:0-14; zero point: E0=7pH; Temperature rang: 0-110.

· Pressure range0.6MPa.

· The external dimension of the sensor isΦ26×165.

                                                 · The outer tube material: PPS plastic. 

                                                 Selection of model:

                                                 · PCA2121 two in one combination sensor

                                                 · ASPSA2121 three in one combination sensor ,Please note the value of the thermistor 

                                                                   when order:Pt100Pt10002.252K10K22K etc.

ORP sensor

· It can be directly used together with various redox meters as a complete set.

· Installation with 3/4NPT pipe thread,convenient to installation.

· The sensor has the fixed cable.

· The length of the cable can be adjusted according to the requirements of the users.

· Measuring range:±2000mv. 

· Temperature rang: -10-110.

· Pressure range0.6MPa.

· The external dimension of the sensor:Φ26×165.

                                                 · The outer tube material:PPS plastic. 

                                                  Selection of model:

                                                  · ASRS2801 combination ORP sensor (Pt ring)

                                                  · ASRS2501 combination ORP sensor (Pt pin)

 DO sensor

· It can be installed with the thread 3/4NPT.

· The sensor has the fixed cable and the length of the cable can be adjusted according  to 

  the requirements of the user.

· Suitable for the industries such as water, wastewater treatment, aquaculture and so on.

· Measuring range: 0ppmsaturation, 0.1%200%. 

· Temperature rang: 080.

· Pressure range0.4MPa.

· The external dimension of the sensor :Φ25×165.

                                                    · The outer tube material:PPS  plastic.

                                                    · The thermistor is Pt100Pt10002.252K10K22K etc.

                                                  Selection of model:

                                                  · ASY2121(polarographic)

                                                  · ASYY2121(galvanic) 


· It is a digital fluorimetric oxygen sensor

· It is a digital sensor with predictive diagnostic function that converts the analog signal  directly to 

  digital signal

· Data is stored in the sensor interface

· Can be calibrated in the laboratory, take the field plug and display, the system automatic 

  identification, without on-site calibration of    the electrode, easy to use

                                                 · No need a  DO transmitter, the sensor can output digital signal and the digital signal can be

                                                 transport to the computer

                                                  · The output digital signal  can be directly converted into WIFI or GPRS signal to achieve wireless 


                                                  · Data can be transmitted over short distances or long distances

                                                  · The measured value is stable and reliable

                                               · Measuring range: 0-50mg/L; Measuring accuracy: ±0.1mg/L; Resolution: 0.01mg/L

                                               · Dimensions: Ø25*165mm

                                               · Temperature range: 0-55; Measuring accuracy: ±0.1; Resolution: 0.1

                                               Selection of model:

                                               · ASYF2121D