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Digital transmitter
  • Smait Digital Transmitter 3000D

    3000D smart digital multiple transmitter is a microcomputer intelligent design high reliability control instrument for measuring the multifunctional water quality. It can accurately measure and control the pH, ORP , DO , conductivity etc. The transmitter has self-diagnosis function, and can be used in high humidity and corrosive or other harsh environment. Meanwhile the transmitter  has display, transmission, alarm and communication functions, can be widely used in power plant, chemical industry, food, biochemical pharmaceutical, environmental protection, metallurgy and other industries ,and meet various online water quality monitoring requirements.

              Technical Parameter:

    ·  It can display measurement value, temperature, slope, time and other parameters 


    ·  It can realize intelligent  calibration technology, automatic identification of 

        calibration points

    ·  Measuring range:

     pH value014pH

    Dividing value0.01pH

    Temperature value-20130

    Dividing value0.1

    ORP value-1500~+1500mV

    Dividing value0.1mV 

    DO value 0~20mg/L

    Dividing value0.01mg/L

    Conductivity value0~200ms/cm

    Dividing value0.01us/cm

    ·  With display, transmission, alarm and control functions

    ·  It provides a 4-20mA output, which can transmit the main measurement parameters 

        or temperature measurement values

    ·  Support external RS-485 communication

    · Provide 2 relay output (upper/lower limit alarm), support normally open and normally 

       closed connection method

    · Support bit number input function

    ·  Provide operation password management permission to prevent parameter Settings 

        from being tampered easily

    · Power supply: AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz/ 24VDC optional

    ·  Overall size :113×118×136mm

    ·  Opening size: 93×93mm

    ·  The protection level of the machine is UP to IP67, and it can be used outdoors

    · Standard waterproof body design IP67

    ·  Pipeline, wall, dial can be installed

    ·  Working conditions: Ambient temperature 0 ~ 60 relative humidity < 85%