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Process Sensor
ORP Sensor for Aquarium

Technical feature:


The measurement range:±2000mv.


The temperature range: 080.


Long life.


Pressure resistance:0.6MPa.


The external dimension: φ12x120, 225 or other dimensions.

  • Shown as the figure:

    · It is the ORP combination sensor.

    · It is unnecessary to refill KCL solution.

    · Measurement rang:±2000mV.

    · Temperature rang:0~80.

    · The external dimension of the sensor is φ12x120.

    · The outer tube material : plastic (blueblackwhite or other colour)

    Selection of model:

    · For common occasion:

       ASRS2503-1 (black) Pt pin

       ASRS2503-2 (blue) Pt pin

       ASRS2503-3 (transparent) Pt pin

       ASRS2503-4(light blue) Pt pin

       ASRS2503-5(yellow) Pt pin

  • Shown as the figure:

    · Shown as the figure:

    · It can be directly used together with various redox meters as a complete set.

    · Installation with 3/4NPT pipe thread; convenient installation in form of flow-through or


    · The sensor has the fixed cable.

    · The length of the cable can be adjusted according to the requirements of the users.

    · Measuring range:±2000mv. 

    · Temperature rang: 080.

    · pressure range0.6MPa.

    · The external dimension of the sensor :Φ25×165.

    · The outer tube material : PPS plastic

    Selection of model:

    · ASRS2801 combination ORP sensor (Pt ring)

    · ASRS2501 combination ORP sensor (Pt pin)

  • RT3000 digital ORP module

    · It can directly connect with analog ORP sensor .

    · It can convert analog signals to digital signals.


     Selection of model:

     RT3000 digital ORP module with RS485 output