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Process Sensor
Digital pH sensor

Technical feature:


The measurement range014 pH , zero point Eo=7pH and the pressure resistance0.6MPa.


The temperature range0~130,suitable for steam sterilizable.


Good stability and small drift of sensor.


Quick response of sensor.


The sensor is in accordance with the requirements on sanitation of foods.


The dimension of the sensor is φ 12x120, 150 and 225 or other dimensions.

  • Digital pH sensor

    · It can convert analog signals to digital signals ,and it is a predictive digital pH sensor.

    · Data stored in the sensor interface,such as zero point,slope etc.

    · the date can close transmission but also long distance transmission .

    · The measured value is stable and reliable.

    · Don't accept the influence of the surrounding environment ,such as temperature, electromagnetic field etc.

    · pH range:0-14; zero point: E0=7pH; Temperature rang: 0-110.

    · pressure range0.6MPa.

    · The external dimension of the sensor isΦ12×120,225 or other size.

    Selection of model:

    · ASP3151D digital pH sensor with thermistor and plug-in connection, glass body 

    · ASPS2151D digital pH sensor with thermistor and plug-in connection, plastic body 

    · ASPS2121D  digital pH sensor with thermistor and fixed cable , plastic body

    · ASPSRT2121D pH,ORP, temperature 3 in 1 digital sensor with fixed cable ,plastic body

    · ASPSRT2151D pH,ORP, temperature 3 in 1 digital sensor with plug-in connection, 

                                plastic body

  • PT3000 pH digital module

    · It can directly connect with analog pH sensor .

    · It can convert analog signals to digital signals.

    · The module output digital signal, which can be connected to the computer directly,and 

      display PH value and temperature value.

     Selcction of model:

     PT3000 pH digital module with RS485 output

Technical parameters